Frequently asked questions

Will your meter work in our market?

Yes. We operate nationally with the ability to read our meters 100% remotely within the United States.

How do you read your meter remotely?

Our meters are integrated with a remote communications module which allows us to retrieve data from them via a secure cellular network.

Can I purchase the meter directly?

Yes. We sell direct to the carriers, electrical contractors, tower companies, or infrastructure firms.

How is the meter installed?

The meter must be installed in a standard meter pan available at any electrical supply house

Can you install the meter for me?

We can perform any installations in the New York Metro market, we can project manage installations across the country using our network of approved installers, or we can coordinate directly with the carriers' contractors.

Can you install the meter on an active site?

While installing meters on new builds is easier and more cost effective, it is always possible to replace an existing submeter at a site by installing one of our own in its place.

What is my involvement level with the landlord after the meter is installed?

Minimal. We handle all monthly reimbursements and reporting and act as a go-between for landlords and carriers.

Does PDSG pay for electric usage on the carrier's behalf?

No. We generate the statements that show exactly how much the landlord is owed and report that directly to the carrier's utility team/third party company for reimbursement.

How does PDSG set up recurring payments to landlords for power?

We work directly with the carriers' real estate and utility departments AND the landlords themselves to establish the correct billing information, and payment destination and frequency.

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