PDSG Submetering for Verizon

For over a decade we have been providing Verizon Wireless with Smart Submetering solutions on cell sites across the country

  • Verizon-approved vendor

  • Over 350 Verizon cell sites metered

  • Rooftop Small Cell & Macro, DAS, Tower

  • Servicing 12 states

  • Integrated with Verizon's utility payment processor

  • Automated Landlord Reimbursements

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OUR PRocess

Take the guesswork out of submetering on cell sites where direct utility electric services are cost-prohibitive or unavailable

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Submetering Benefits for Wireless Carriers


Protect your sites from overcharging, outdated flat rates, and tedious annual true-ups. Ensure that billing is fair and accurate by only paying for the power you use.


Wireless Reading

Our meters are integrated with wireless connectivity modules, meaning site visits and manual meter readings are a thing of the past! No longer deal with the hassle of:

  • Uncooperative tenant spaces

  • Isolated areas like locked basements or rooftops

  • Areas reliant upon supers or maintenance workers to provide access



Repair fractured landlord/tenant relationships by increasing trust and transparency with above-board meter reading and reimbursement.

Save Time and Money

By eliminating in-person, manual meter reading and billing, you free up money and time.



“Power Design & Supply Group is a great asset to our organization in the New England Market. We have been working with them for over 5 years now and they have always been very responsive and assisted us in a professional and efficient manner. They make the submetering process painless and easy to understand, and they work with our property managers directly to eliminate any confusion about electricity reimbursements. I will continue using PDSG’s metering solution as long as I am building cell sites."

Construction Manager

National Wireless Carrier

"Our design group has been spec-ing PDSG meters into cell sites for the last few years and they have continued to impress. On one occasion, a site had an older-style submeter without remote reading capabilities that the property manager was reading in order to bill the carrier.  When the building changed ownership in 2020, the new property manager was unaware that they were to read the meter and bill the carrier accordingly for power usage. This issue went unnoticed by both us and the landlord for over a year, and eventually the landlord threatened to disconnect our power.


We contacted PDSG immediately to rectify this by installing a smart meter in place of the existing one to allow for all future billing to be automated and remote, and they were even able to help us true up with the landlord for the unpaid back-usage. PDSG helped us avoid a major headache."



Vice President of Electrical Services

Premier Northeast Regional A&E Firm